Curriculum Vitae

Owner/Instructor, Learning Clinic, Towson, MD/San Francisco, CA. 1999-Present.

  • Provide personalized instruction and guidance for K-12 students with learning and/or environmental challenges; prepare and execute linguistics-based instruction plans for students with AD(H)D, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and non-native or non-standard language fluency at home; train students for achievement on standardized exams, esp. the SSAT, HSPT, ISEE, SAT, SATII, ACT and AP; provide systematic linguistics-based instruction on writing and quantitative analysis; interact with teachers/administrators on students’ behalf when practicable.
  • Specific to SAT/ACT prep: Develop, update and publish curriculum for personalized, intensive courses for SAT exam preparation; maintain oversight of daily organization and instruction for SAT, SATII, and ACT prep; generate sample exams, remedial vocabulary and mathematics material; define test-taking strategies; score and evaluate sample exams; provide personal instruction and support; write educational documentation.
  • For college-bound students: Interface with the College Board and university admissions offices to maximize opportunities for affected students; advise on college application content and strategies; provide educational support for transition process from high school to college.
  • In-school teaching:
    • Faculty member, Compass High School, San Mateo, CA – Latin I/II
    • Board member/Learning specialist, KFS School, San Francisco, CA.
    • Consulting lecturer, Hercules High School, Hercules, CA – SAT Prep

Linguist/Terminology Specialist, Multilingual Technology Department, SAP, Walldorf, Germany. 1995 – 2006

  • Developed and supported software for the lexical/terminological databases at SAP; served as coordinator of OLIF, an international format for lexical representation; specified and tested morphological, syntactic, semantic, and lexical features and values for 3 versions of format; designed and maintained project web sites; organized and led seminars; provided documentation and promotional support for OLIF. (20-120 hrs./month)

Visiting Scholar, Department of Linguistics, University of Saarbruecken, Saarbruecken, Germany. 1995 (Spring Semester).

  • Prepared and taught a course in bilingual lexicon development; reviewed contrastive analysis of English and German for lexicon work; guided students through specifications, design, and programming of English-German lexical database application; graded final papers/programs.

Linguist – Natural Language Processing projects for Logos Corp., Eloquent Technology, IBM Research. 1981 – 1995.

  • Specified, coded, and tested various language modeling software, including machine translation, speech synthesis programs, semantic databases, and electronic lexicons. Languages included English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Spanish, Italian, and Russian. .

Group Administrator, Summer Teacher Training Program, Dept. of Modern Languages and Linguistics, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. 1981.

  • Trained prospective language teachers in classroom recitation and lecture techniques; reviewed second language learning pedagogy; observed and critiqued new teaching assistants; provided training and testing materials.

Teaching Assistant/Associate, Dept. of Modern Languages and Linguistics, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. 1976 – 1982

  • As teaching assistant: Taught and assisted in undergraduate and graduate level courses in beginning German, general linguistics, and phonology; prepared and presented lectures; designed and graded exams.
  • As teaching associate: Coordinated the teaching plans of teaching assistants; oversaw examinations; reviewed all grading; advised and critiqued teaching assistants.

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